Macintosh and OS X not the End-All, Be-All

I’ve been using a Macbook Pro (early 2008 model) since May of this year, for two reasons: to gain a better understanding of OS X for any technical work I’d like to do, and so that I can answer Apple zealots who insist that OS X is to Windows (Vista, in particular) what a Mercedes […]

The Mac is NOT Better than the PC

That’s my headline, and I’m sticking with it. I’ll have more in the near future on the Mac vs. PC question, but the bottom line is: for getting real work done, both are more than sufficient. Vista is neither more nor less stable and capable├é┬áthan OS X, and in some ways is even easier to […]

OS X vs. Vista

I’ve heard so many attacks against Microsoft’ Vista OS, which I’ve been using since the earliest beta, and at the same time so much from the Apple fanboys about OS X, that I decided to run both and report on how much better Vista is and how OS X isn’t all that. Starting with installing […]