“Cops” as Scatological Commentary on Modern Street Crime, or Something

The Left is truly insidious. One might be tempted to think of the TV show “Cops” as relatively transparent and typically sensationalist “reality TV” programming. Apparently, it’s not: just got this email from John Langley, the guy who made the uber-reality show Cops. I see it as an acknowledgement of all of us who tend to […]

Good Investment: 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of The Cosby Show

From a sense-of-life perspective, The Cosby Show remains one of the best TV shows ever made. It’s probably the best family show. So, I’m pretty excited about the imminent release of the 25th Anniversary Commemorative edition. Money’s tight, but this is well worth it. In Cosby’s own words: It was Cosby’s firm belief in parental responsibility — […]