Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s Spiritual Father Speaks

It’s been awhile since this blog has been updated. That’s not been on purpose, and the story behind the delay might be interesting to some (it’s a story about the housing and financial crisis, on a very micro scale), but it’s not been decided whether it’s actually worth a post. What is worth it, though, […]

The True Nature of Socialism

My wife grew up in the Soviet Union, and this is precisely how she describes it: The Choice Between Capitalism and Socialism. Take note of the part in bold type: A few days ago, I happened to meet a doctor in our area who has an unusual background. He emigrated to America from Russia, and […]

The GOP is Screwed, and So Are We

Here’s a prime example of why the Republicans lost the election, and can’t hope to win anything back anytime soon: Nationalization: Is It the Only Answer to Save Banks?: A year ago, it would have been unthinkable: Sen. Lindsey Graham advocating a government takeover of private banks — but that is exactly what he suggested […]

Are We Really All Socialists Now? Newsweek Seems to Think So

I missed this Newsweek article, somehow: We Are All Socialists Now: The interview was nearly over. on the Fox News Channel last Wednesday evening, Sean Hannity was coming to the end of a segment with Indiana Congressman Mike Pence, the chair of the House Republican Conference and a vociferous foe of President Obama’s nearly $1 […]

January 20, 2009: The Obama Inauguration: The Beginning of the End?

If you read nothing else about the Obama inauguration speech, and the meaning of his presidency, read this: An Inauguration of Tyranny: January 20th, 2009. Another “date which will live in infamy.” Watching news media coverage of Barack Obama’s journey to the White House was much like watching the broadcast propaganda of a dystopian fantasy […]

Automakers Bow to the New Kings

I can think of no more pathetic, yet perfectly representative, example of just how badly capitalism is being betrayed than the spectacle of American automakers stooping to this level: Big men drove small cars on a road trip to Washington to beg for billions and billions of taxpayers’ dollars. They rotated driving duties, ate at […]

Businessmen: Once Again, Public Enemy #1

Thomas Sowell puts the hammer right smack on the head: Ivan and Boris Again: Why Politicians and the Media Attack CEO Pay: It is not the general public that singles out corporate CEOs for so much attention. Politicians and the media have focused on business leaders, and the public has been led along, like sheep. […]

The Direct Cost of Government Intervention (So Far): $2 trillion

The phrase “spending like a drunken sailor” has officially taken on new meaning: Obama, Democrats plan $500B economic package Congressional Democrats and President-elect Barack Obama are laying the groundwork for quick enactment in January of a giant, two-year economic rescue package that will total about a half-trillion dollars. His economic team in place, Obama has […]

Obama Administration-Elect Loves a Crisis

Here’s Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual, speaking on the opportunity to exploit the current crisis to expand government power. Rush Limbaugh had some analysis of the clip that’s worth a read: RUSH:  Okay, so where is Obama?  He’s not acting like Abraham Lincoln, that’s for damn sure.  He’s acting like James Buchanan who […]

Citigroup to be Nationalized?

And the fun never ends: Citigroup Nationalization: Good Bank, Bad Bank Several sources are now reporting that Citigroup is nearing a deal with the government to create a seperate “bad bank” to house $50 billion worth of toxic mortgage and other assets, as well perhaps a $1 trillion or more in off-balance-sheet entitites. The WSJ‘s […]