Associated Press Investigates Palin’s “Flawed Bid Process,” Suppresses Bill Ayers’ Violent Bid to Overthrow American Society

This article represents a great example of in-depth investigative reporting. An AP writer identified a potential issue with Palin’s Alaskan pipeline project, and dove into it, uncovering a seeming wealth of information on how the bidding process was organized to favor a firm friendly to the Palin administration. This is a particularly impressive bit of […]

Surprise! CODEPINK Gives Aid and Comfort to America’s Enemies

Oh. My. God. To my mind, this is just short of sedition (and just). Really, detailing the fundamental philosophical evasions and downright evil that this represents would be redundant: Leading CODEPINK activists and other peace organizations meet with Iranian president in New York NEW YORK — Calling it a “major step forward” in relations between […]