European Racism Suddenly Recognized by Mainstream Media

I can’t say that I’ve ever read a mainstream news account about European racism. Consider this story at the New York Times: After U.S. Breakthrough, Europe Looks in Mirror: In the general European euphoria over the election of Barack Obama, there is the beginning of self-reflection about Europe’s own troubles with racial integration. Many are asking if […]

A Little Bit on Obama and Race

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and someone with whom I agree on occasion (although, not too many occasions) had this to say about his vote for Obama: I voted for President Elect Obama. The rest of my votes went almost exclusively to Republicans , Libertarians and Independents. In looking at the Democratic platform, […]

More on Race…

More on race, from ABC News: The dynamics of age and race are a continuing undercurrent in the election, and one in which Obama continues to fare better. Ninety percent of likely voters say they’re comfortable with his being the first African-American president, 76 percent “entirely” comfortable. But they divide 50-49 percent on comfort with […]

Race Continues to Rear it’s Ugly Head

I’m beginning to read more and more about race as Election Day looms near. I haven’t studied it in any depth, but I am fairly certain that race was more of a subtext for the last few months (except, of course, for the odd claim by the Obama Nation that McCain is being racist according […]

Obama Video – It Speaks for Itself

Set aside the (completely unnecessary) visual hyperbole of the site, and let Obama’s and the Left’s words speak for them. This is some chilling stuff. It’s all there. Bill Ayers. ACORN (not specifically about Obama, but related). Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac. Here are a few to get you started: Obama on “Redistribution of Wealth” Obama […]

Mainstream Media Begins Stoking the “Racist” Fires

Here we go, the setup: McCain starts to catch up in the polls, and the media starts playing the race card. This is the first story I’ve seen that mentions racism explicitly as an explanation for McCain’s recent gains, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Note the tagline that showed up in my […]