Indian Navy Sinks Fishing Trawler, Army Targeting Carpool Lanes

Oops: The ship that an Indian navy frigate sank last week was not the pirate “mother ship”, as first claimed, but was actually the hijacked ship itself, U.S. military sources told NBC News Tuesday. The report contradicts earlier claims made by the Indian navy, which said its frigate fired in “self-defense” at a pirate ship […]

UN Calls for Sanctions on Pirates, Writes Stern Letters to Pirates’ Parents

Again, the real world seems more like The Onion: UN Approves Sanctions on Somali Pirates: The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to impose sanctions on pirates, arms smugglers, and perpetrators of instability in Somalia in a fresh attempt to help end years of lawlessness in the Horn of Africa nation. The 15-nation council endorsed […]