Anthem by Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged gets most of the press nowadays, but Ayn Rand has another work that perhaps serves as a better introduction to her works. Particularly for younger folks, Anthem provides a glimpse into Ayn Rand’s sense of life that is far shorter and more accessible than Atlas Shrugged. Amazon’s description provides a decent introduction: Written with […]

Is Ayn Rand Relevant? An Interview with Yaron Brook

Lots of gems in this one: Is Rand Relevant – An Interview with Yaron Brook: Dr. Yaron Brook is president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute. He recently had a piece published in the Wall Street Journal ( here is the link to the Op-Ed piece: In this interview he responds to […]

Ayn Rand Institute Offers Impact Newsletter for Free

The Ayn Rand Institute is now offering its Impact newsletter for free. Go here to get it.

On the Libertarian Party, Ayn Rand, and Objectivism

This post about Objectivism and Libertarians is surprisingly good, right up to the part where Ron Paul is endorsed due to his reading of and references to Ayn Rand. The blogger makes the point that it’s a lack of adherence to fundamental principle that’s at the heart of the Libertarian problem. However, from everything I’ve […]

G. Gordon Liddy Making Amends, Hosting Show on Ayn Rand

G. Gordon Liddy’s having some special guests on tomorrow’s show. Here are the details: Special Edition of G. Gordon Liddy Show on Ayn Rand Posted by ARC Media at 6:41 AM RadioAmerica’s G. GORDON LIDDY is devoting a SPECIAL BROADCAST of his nationally syndicated three-hour talk radio show to Ayn Rand, her philosophy, and understanding the […]

Survey: Americans Still Reject Government Intervention

If valid, I find this survey to show that the American spirit is still alive and kicking: “Americans Don’t Want a Corporate Bailout“: Sorry, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, but Americans want the free market and not Washington to decide which companies live or die. Pollster Frank Luntz tells Whispers that only 25 percent of voters want the Feds to bail […]

Cody’s Books: Good Riddance

Cory Doctorow, this blog’s least favorite writer (and, in my view, a traitor to the cause of intellectual property), laments the passing of Cody’s Books, a bookstore in Berkley. I’m guessing–just guessing!–that this bookstore was a haven of Leftist elitists pounding bongos and engaging in cooperative bouts of oral diarrhea. In short, while espousing platitudes […]