Objectivism in Practice

A very nice piece on John Allison and BB&T, in the National Review, of all places: Objectivist Philosophy for Fun and Profit: John Allison isn’t your typical bank executive. For one thing, when he retired at the end of last year as CEO of BB&T — a North Carolina–based bank with more than 1,500 branches […]

Is Ayn Rand Relevant? An Interview with Yaron Brook

Lots of gems in this one: Is Rand Relevant – An Interview with Yaron Brook: Dr. Yaron Brook is president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute. He recently had a piece published in the Wall Street Journal ( here is the link to the Op-Ed piece: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123698976776126461.html In this interview he responds to […]

Yaron Brook on Pajamas Media

Yaron Brook’s latest Pajamas Media session…

Climate Change Panel – UCLA 4/13

Sounds like a good session: Climate Change Panel Discussion: UCLA panel to critique climate change alarmism April 10, 2009 by Keith Lockitch Next Monday I will be speaking about the destructiveness of policies aimed at cutting off fossil fuels and promoting “green energy.” I will be on a panel discussion at UCLA with Dr. Willie […]

More Positive Ayn Rand Coverage from the Non-Objectivist Press

I’m very impressed lately with the amount of very positive press on Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged, not always from the obvious places: Peter Foster: Atlas shrugs, leftists rage: Alan Greenspan was indeed once part of Ayn Rand’s circle, but Rand would have seen his monetary policy as not just flawed, but immoral Novelist Ayn […]

Ayn Rand’s Legacy: Rational Thought vs. Immature Nihilism

This is a truly remarkable debate. Read Dr. Ghates’ cogent, reasonable argument, and the read the argument by Ms. Patterson. If you don’t see the fundamental difference in thought processes, then I don’t know what to say: The Economy Needs Ayn Rand. Also read the comments. So far, they’re overwhelmingly in support of Ayn Rand, […]

Atlas Shrugged #1 Amazon Seller in Literature and Fiction

This is great news, although one could certainly wish for different circumstances: Atlas Shrugged is (as of right now) the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s “Literature and Fiction” category. No matter how you spin it, this is great news. To keep updated on it’s status: Amazon’s most popular Literature and Fiction.

A Short Tribute to Ayn Rand

Michael Berliner has a nice, short piece about Ayn Rand on capmag.com: Ayn Rand: A Legacy of Reason and Freedom. He summarizes her quite nicely here: A sui generis philosopher, who looked at the world anew, Ayn Rand has long puzzled the intellectual establishment. Academia has usually met her views with antagonism or avoidance, unable […]

On the Libertarian Party, Ayn Rand, and Objectivism

This post about Objectivism and Libertarians is surprisingly good, right up to the part where Ron Paul is endorsed due to his reading of and references to Ayn Rand. The blogger makes the point that it’s a lack of adherence to fundamental principle that’s at the heart of the Libertarian problem. However, from everything I’ve […]

A Good Place to Start: Government Can’t “Fix” the Economy

Post-election task #1: educate the American people on the proper role of the President in “fixing the economy.” As this story suggests, many Americans just don’t get it: When it comes to priorities, many polls suggest Americans want President-elect Barack Obama to fix the economy first when he enters the Oval Office in a little […]