Not Enough Money for Obama

It’s nice to read decent pieces from non-Objectivists: There is Not Enough Money To Pay for Obama’s Unprecedented Spending Spree: We were in a fiscal hole when President Obama came into office and for 100 days he’s been digging it deeper and deeper.  The numbers involved are astonishing and power is being concentrated in the […]

Obama Can Back Our Credit Cards, Too!!!

A particularly disturbing aspect of the Left is that they’re neither particularly intelligent nor particularly well-educated on esoteric subjects like economics. So, pieces like this are increasingly prevalent and concerning (as well as sounding like they’re coming from petulent teenagers*): Why Your Next Credit Card Could Be Backed by Obama: Since apparently everything in America […]

The Guns of Nihilism – On Obama and the Pirates

Seems like Obama wasn’t completely honest about his administration’s role in the recent pirate crisis. In The Guns of Nihilism, Ed Cline lays out the meaning of the crisis and America’s response to it: I freely admit to parodying the title of a great adventure film here, “The Guns of Navarone” ( 1961, directed by […]

Obama Plans Wholesale Government Control Over Economy

Obama plans an unprecedented level of government control over the economy: Obama would regulate new ‘bubbles’: As he battles the economic downturn, President Barack Obama is bracing Americans for a recovery different than any in recent memory – not a go-go return to prosperity like the 1990s but a slow, steady climb to stability. “We […]

On Obama’s Foreign Policy

It’s difficult sometimes to decide whether to mark something as “Food” or “Poison”. This piece, a good, albeit chilling, piece on Obama’s foreign policy: A Snapshot of Obama’s Obscene Foreign Policy is exactly such a thing–is it “Food” because it educates on an important topic, or “Poison” because the topic itself is terrible. I’ll opt for “Food” […]

Obama: America to No Longer Be “Voracious Consumer Market”

I find this terribly disturbing: In Europe, Obama Faces Calls for Rules on Finances: Speaking on the eve of a summit meeting here to address the financial crisis, Mr. Obama acknowledged that regulatory failures in the United States had a role in the meltdown, but he urged world leaders to focus on solutions rather than […]

On Obama and National and Personal Sovereignty

Here’s another absolute must- read from Ed Cline: Of Obama and Obeisance:  More disgusting than former President George W. Bush holding the hand of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (when the latter was but a “crown prince”) on Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch years ago, was the signature demonstration of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy when he […]

The Broken Window Fallacy – An Economics Lesson for the Obama Administration

A very nice piece on the Broken Window fallacy, perhaps the simplest way to describe the damage of government intervention: Broken Windows, Broken Principles: Many Americans have experienced the adverse consequences of the recent economic downturn: retirement savings wiped out, jobs lost, or at least a general feeling of financial uncertainty. Our leaders in Washington […]

Obama’s Twisted Rhetoric

Nice op-ed from the Ayn Rand Institute: Misrepresenting “How We Arrived at This Moment”: What must be done to recover from this financial crisis? Barack Obama rightly stresses that we first must understand how today’s problems emerged. It is “only by understanding how we arrived at this moment that we’ll be able to lift ourselves […]

A Lotta Hot Air?

I’m no expert on energy production, but this claim seems rather suspect: Salazar: Eastern wind could replace coal for power: ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Windmills off the East Coast could generate enough electricity to replace most, if not all, the coal-fired power plants in the United States, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday. But […]