Obama Spokesman: Don’t Expect Miracles

I have to ask, since the “invisible spirit” of President-Elect Obama is already having an impact on world events, why the pessimism? President-elect Barack Obama will focus relentlessly on helping the middle class and strengthening the economy when he takes office January 20, but he doesn’t want Americans to think he can work miracles, says […]

WWOD: What Would Obama Do?

Oh. My. God. It’s actually made it into the vernacular. From the Associated Press: President-elect Barack Obama is an invisible force as foreign leaders and Congress convene separately in Washington, the economy at center stage. One sentiment runs below the crosscurrents as a summit of world leaders wrestles with a global crisis this weekend and […]

Obama’s Got a God Complex

Seriously, this guy scares the shit out of me. He’s either the most presumptuous bastard ever to walk the political stage (and that’s saying quite a bit, of course) or he really buys into all the Messianic fervor that surrounds his campaign. Either way, it makes for a truly dangerous President. Here’s LGF’s take on […]