The Left’s Latest Fascist Power Play: Compensation Limits for All

For all those folks who bought into the Left’s populist call to class warfare over the AIG executive bonuses: Beyond AIG: A bill to let Big Government set your salary: It was nearly two weeks ago that the House of Representatives, acting in a near-frenzy after the disclosure of bonuses paid to executives of AIG, […]

A Straightforward Description of How Government Caused the Financial Crisis

Simple to follow and easy to understand: AIG is Left Holding the Government’s Bag: On March 16, Obama said this about AIG: I do want to comment on the news about executive bonuses at AIG. … This is a corporation that finds itself in financial distress due to recklessness and greed. Under these circumstances, it’s […]

Obama – Worse Than Imagined

Take a few minutes to read this: Obama’s “Extreme Makeover” of America: It is hard to decide any more which current government-spawned disasters and those to come one should dwell on. As on the popular TV program, ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,“ President Barack Obama is overseeing the demolition of the remnants of a republic […]

Shocker: Americans Lack Confidence in Economy

How could it be any different, when the Anointed One has proclaimed far and wide that we’re in a crisis that requires unprecedented government intervention into the economy and our lives: Glum and glummer. That’s how US consumers feel in the midst of worsening economic conditions and little hope that the situation will rebound, according […]

Are We Really All Socialists Now? Newsweek Seems to Think So

I missed this Newsweek article, somehow: We Are All Socialists Now: The interview was nearly over. on the Fox News Channel last Wednesday evening, Sean Hannity was coming to the end of a segment with Indiana Congressman Mike Pence, the chair of the House Republican Conference and a vociferous foe of President Obama’s nearly $1 […]

“Dear Mr. Obama: Please make it rain candy.”

This is frightening propaganda, and yet utterly unsurprising: New e-book captures kids’ hopes, dreams for Obama: NEW YORK (AP) — End war, forever. Make the planet greener. Please help my dad find work. Make it rain candy! Thousands of kids detailed their hopes and expectations for President Barack Obama in letters and drawings as part […]

January 20, 2009: The Obama Inauguration: The Beginning of the End?

If you read nothing else about the Obama inauguration speech, and the meaning of his presidency, read this: An Inauguration of Tyranny: January 20th, 2009. Another “date which will live in infamy.” Watching news media coverage of Barack Obama’s journey to the White House was much like watching the broadcast propaganda of a dystopian fantasy […]

The End of Healthcare As We Know It (or, at all)

If the Left has its way, many or most of the recent advances in medicine will be destroyed. Hype? I’d like to think so, but I’m probably understating it. More likely, our healthcare system will be utterly destroyed, turned into something more akin to the DMV or–horrors of horrors–the Canadian or British healthcare systems. Read […]

No, Boing Boing, It’s Not Testosterone That Caused the Financial Crisis

Via Boing Boing, here’s a prime example of where a lack of valid principles creates all sorts of intellectual havoc: Forget behavioral economics — the Naked Scientists science podcast interviews a scientist who is investigating the hormonal basis for bubbles and crashes. It’s endocrinal economics! John – We found that the traders, if they had […]

Obama Tells Kids to School Their Parents

Little Green Footballs is offended by Obama’s enlisting children to talk their parents into voting for him. I submit that while this is certainly disturbing, it’s just a very small example of the kind of state encroachment on parental authority that will become epidemic in an Obama Presidency. After all, I have no doubt that […]