Automakers Bow to the New Kings

I can think of no more pathetic, yet perfectly representative, example of just how badly capitalism is being betrayed than the spectacle of American automakers stooping to this level: Big men drove small cars on a road trip to Washington to beg for billions and billions of taxpayers’ dollars. They rotated driving duties, ate at […]

Former Communist Butchers in Vogue in Seattle, New York, San Francisco

My wife, who grew up in the Soviet Union, would find this disturbing: New York City, it seems,  wants to be second to none in public memorials to Communist tyrants. After all, Seattle has a statue of Lenin adorning its waterfront, and San Francisco has a statue and plaque honoring the veterans of the Abraham […]

“Cops” as Scatological Commentary on Modern Street Crime, or Something

The Left is truly insidious. One might be tempted to think of the TV show “Cops” as relatively transparent and typically sensationalist “reality TV” programming. Apparently, it’s not: just got this email from John Langley, the guy who made the uber-reality show Cops. I see it as an acknowledgement of all of us who tend to […]