Pirate Bay: Guilty

As long as it sticks through the appeals process, this is good news: The Pirate bay verdict: guilty, with jail time: The Pirate Bay “spectrial” has ended in a guilty verdict, prison sentences for the defendants, and a shared 30 million kronor ($3.5 million) fine. According to the Swedish district court, the operators of the […]

Boing Boing Twists the Meaning of Intellectual Property Rights

Boing Boing tries to make the point that intellectual property protections “suppresses” art. Idiots. The woman in this particular case simply chose the wrong song for her animation. That’s her mistake. Animator Nina Paley’s brilliant film, “Sita Sings The Blues,” has been wowing the festival circuit but you’re probably not going to see it anytime […]

Innovation Means Something New, Right?

This article at ARS Technica, or at least its subject matter, likely deserves a better treatment. Perhaps that’ll come in time. For now, consider this one snippet: In a letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, a coalition of library associations and consumer advocacy groups criticized the bill, warning that an “unbalanced approach to enforcement would […]

What the Hell is Scribd?

I’d heard of Scribd.com on a number of occasions, but never visited. I’d heard it described as the place to find illegal copies of protected works, but imagined–stupidly so, as it turns out–such descriptions to be overblown. As it turns out, there definitely is copyright material posted on Scribd.com, and it took me all of 20 […]

Bits Exist to be Copied!

Okay, just in case this gets lost in my previous post, “Giving It All Away,” here’s Cory Doctorow again on his justification for supporting the “Creative Commons” concept:   I believe that we live in an era where anything that can be expressed as bits will be. I believe that bits exist to be copied. Therefore, I […]

Giving It All Away

Tor books has been giving away free ebooks for a few months now, to build a subscription base for their upcoming newsletter. These are unprotected, full-length novels in PDF and HTML formats by some of sci-fi and fantasy’s best and most well-known writers. As far as I know, while the books may not be their […]

Infinite Goods Meet Immovable Vehicles

I’ll have more, I’m sure, on the entirely ludicrous “infinite goods” excuse for software piracy*, but I found this story very ironic. It seems that some Lefty independent bands are having a hard time making money from touring because of gas prices. I mention this because one of the ideas of the aforementioned theory is that […]