If You’re Fat, Don’t Blame McDonald’s

Um, yes, well, duh: Nope, McDonald’s Isn’t Making Us Fat: Don’t blame fast-food restaurants for why America seems so supersized. This new economic study from Northwestern University and UC Berkeley seems to disprove the the common nutritional myth: The results find no evidence of a causal link between restaurants and obesity, and the estimates are […]

Boy George Just Can’t Buy Love

And he’d just about have to, wouldn’t he?: Boy George guilty of false imprisonment: Boy George, the flamboyant former Culture Club front man, was convicted Friday of falsely imprisoning a male escort. Norwegian escort Audun Carlsen had alleged he was handcuffed to a wall hook at the singer’s east London apartment on April 28, 2007. […]

Saturday Night Live Throws McCain a Bone

I actually disagree with Little Green Footballs on this one. Saturday Night Live isn’t trying to “redeem themselves” for relentlessly going after McCain and, particularly, Palin. I believe that they’ve simply joined the rest of the Left in pretty much assuming that Obama’s already won the election, and they’re being magnanimous in that smug, Leftist fashion. I’m […]