News Flash: State of California Inverts Concept of Justice

Only in California: A homeless man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison and ordered to pay more than $101 million for starting two fires, including one that burned more than 163,000 acres in California two years ago. Shouldn’t that be  101 years in prison, and a $4 fine?

California Fiscal Deficit to Equal Ethical and Political Deficits

As a California resident, I must say, this is just lovely: California’s budget deficit will grow to $28 billion through June 2010 unless lawmakers take bold action, possibly including a hike in the state income tax, the Legislature’s nonpartisan analyst said Tuesday.

Early Harbinger of Taxes to Come

As a California citizen, I’m none too pleased by this possibility: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday proposed $4.4 billion in new taxes and a similar amount in spending cuts to deal with California’s worsening fiscal crisis, saying, “We must stop the bleeding.” Much of the new revenue would come from a 1.5-percentage-point increase in the […]