Bill Ayers – Obama Connection Suddenly the Topic of the Month

Here’s what is utterly fascinating to me about the Bill Ayers story: that it’s become such an open topic, after the election, while it was so taboo prior to Nov. 4. Some might argue that this is because Ayers himself was silent until Obama was elected, but that’s obvious hogwash: the press lives for the […]

Northwestern University Student Group Embraces Bill Ayers

Arguably, the intellectual battle for reason, individual rights, and capitalism begins in high school and ends in the universities. That’s why this kind of news is rather depressing: The Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, two men whose reputations had dogged the Obama campaign this year, met for the first time this weekend at a “State of […]

Farrakhan and Ayers Both Kept Quiet During Election

I was wondering when Farrakhan might weigh in on Obama’s election. Mostly, it’s fairly predictable stuff about unity amongst the victim class. I do find this bit quite interesting, however: In February, Farrakhan praised Obama, calling him “the hope of the entire world that America will change and be made better” at a Saviours’ Day event […]

The Straw Man of Obama’s More Egregious Associations

Setting up straw men and knocking them down is a time-tested method for, among other things, deflecting an argument from its real point. Here’s an example: The New Republic’s Jason Zengerle is also intrigued. “It’s as if it’s finally dawned on the McCain folks that a lot of Americans actually like Obama and don’t really buy […]

More on Bill Ayers the Terrorist

Pajamas Media conducted an interview with FBI informant Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the group in the ’70’s. This is very, very disturbing stuff: Pajamas Media: Scattered news accounts on the Internet note that you were instrumental in foiling Weather Underground attacks in February  of 1970, in Detroit. The Weathermen built two bombs targeting the Detroit Police Officers’ […]

Obama Video – It Speaks for Itself

Set aside the (completely unnecessary) visual hyperbole of the site, and let Obama’s and the Left’s words speak for them. This is some chilling stuff. It’s all there. Bill Ayers. ACORN (not specifically about Obama, but related). Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac. Here are a few to get you started: Obama on “Redistribution of Wealth” Obama […]

LA Times Holds On to Damning Evidence – Time to Act

Little Green Footballs has been all over the story about the LA Times withholding a video that shows Obama receiving accolades from Rashid Khalidi, once a PLO spokesman, at a party also attended by “radical Palestinian activists,” Obama buddy Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn, another leader of the Weather Underground radical communist terrorist organization. Here, […]

Associated Press Investigates Palin’s “Flawed Bid Process,” Suppresses Bill Ayers’ Violent Bid to Overthrow American Society

This article represents a great example of in-depth investigative reporting. An AP writer identified a potential issue with Palin’s Alaskan pipeline project, and dove into it, uncovering a seeming wealth of information on how the bidding process was organized to favor a firm friendly to the Palin administration. This is a particularly impressive bit of […]

Bill Ayers – So Unrepentant, He Republished His Communist Manifesto

Again thanks to Little Green Footballs: Yesterday we linked to Zombie’s new report on “Billy” Ayers’ and Bernardine Dohrn’s 1974 communist declaration of war against the United States. Little did we realize that Ayers actually republished this book dedicated to Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin Sirhan Sirhan … in 2006: Sing a Battle Song: The Revolutionary Poetry, Statements, and […]