Walter Williams on the Automaker Bailout

I agree with the concretes in this piece by Walter Williams on the automaker “bailout.” The principle remains, however: it’s a blatant infringement on individual rights and an unconstitutional government intervention into the economy. That aside, his piece is well worth a read: Bailouts and Bankruptcy: Let’s not allow Congress and members of the bailout […]

Automakers Bow to the New Kings

I can think of no more pathetic, yet perfectly representative, example of just how badly capitalism is being betrayed than the spectacle of American automakers stooping to this level: Big men drove small cars on a road trip to Washington to beg for billions and billions of taxpayers’ dollars. They rotated driving duties, ate at […]

Pelosi Calls for Fascist Approach to Automaker Bailout

Pelosi gives some insight into her thought process as she talks about a potential “bailout” of the automakers: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that accountability and austerity are required of the auto industry if they are to receive any public funds to help them in their time of crisis. “The U.S. tax payer is not […]

Automaker Bailout = Leftist Power Play

If anyone wonders what’s the Democrats’ game regarding a potential automaker “bailout” (and some Republicans, I’m sure), it’s about gaining power over another American industry, pure and simple. If anyone doubts that, read between the lines: “Their board rooms in my view have been devoid of vision,” said Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn. “They have promoted […]

Automaker Bailout: Congress Chooses a Little Fascism to Go With Their Socialism

Yet another example of economic fascism (government control over nominally privately-owned businesses): Pelosi said the [government’s plan to bailout the auto industry] would call for “immediate, targeted assistance” and must include several principles, including the restructuring of the companies “to ensure their long-term economic viability,” new fuel-efficiency standards, and the development of advanced vehicles. It’s […]

Democrats to Nationalize Another Industry?

Here it is, yet another partial nationalization of an American industry: Democratic Proposal Includes Federal Stake in Car Companies: Congressional Democrats are pushing legislation to send $25 billion in emergency loans to the beleaguered auto industry in exchange for a government ownership stake in the Big Three car companies. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate […]

Obama’s Inauguration to Stem Automaker Losses

Here’s a bizarre sentiment expressed by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm in calling for assistance to the Big Three automakers as part of the $700B bailout: “We’re in a situation where there’s a great unknown about what will happen,” said Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat. “And a great concern that at least one of the companies […]