Dr. Hurd – Immigration Isn’t the Problem

It’s pithy, but right on the mark: In a totally free society, immigration would not be an issue. This is because in a free society, nobody would be forced to take care of anybody else. In such a society, the only people who would WANT to come would be the most productive and those most […]

Tech Lobbying: Less Than It Should Be

Gizmodo acts like the amounts spent by technology companies on lobbying is a lot. In actual fact, given the extent of the regulations that determine so many aspects of how these companies do business, the amounts are actually quite insignificant. I would have expected them to be much, much higher. Here’s the chart, from Gizmodo:

Obama to the Rescue

President Obama has jumped on his white horse and is riding swiftly to the rescue in the Gulf, bringing a few hand-picked scientists along with him to provide moral support. This is important, because of course those incompetents over at BP certainly can’t assemble a team of any merit on their own. Okay, so it’s […]

Welcome Back

Haven’t posted in awhile here on Food or Poison, but I’d like to change that. So, here’s the re-inaugural post to get things started. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more stuff about the rapid decline of Western civilization and the continued destruction of individual rights… er… No, that’s not right. Actually, I hope to post about […]

Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s Spiritual Father Speaks

It’s been awhile since this blog has been updated. That’s not been on purpose, and the story behind the delay might be interesting to some (it’s a story about the housing and financial crisis, on a very micro scale), but it’s not been decided whether it’s actually worth a post. What is worth it, though, […]

John Cox: The Lesson

Outstanding, as usual:

Viva la libertad — A Friend

Viva la libertad — A Friend. If you know what that’s all about, leave a comment.

Happy Veteran’s Day

From one veteran to any others who might be visiting: Happy Veteran’s Day.

Excessive Water Use

We received a notice today from the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District that we are guilty of “excessive” water usage. Apparently, some water was seen running off our lawn. Or something. We’re still not exactly sure–the notice we received doesn’t fit the description given when my wife called in to ask about it. But never […]

Welcome to Food or Poison

This new blog remains a work in progress, and likely will for a week or so. Updating the theme, creating tags, choosing widgets, etc., etc., all work that remains to be completed. Update: Getting closer. Should be ready to start any time now. So, for you all you non-existent readers waiting with bated breath…