Unitasking: An Argument for My nook

I use a Barnes & Noble nook as my primary reading “device” (in quotes because it’s almost completely replaced physical books as well), and have been since the beginning of this year. I’ve found it to be very easy on the eyes with its E Ink screen, sufficient in terms of features and capabilities (although […]

20,000mAh for $148? Impossible

I’d love to believe that this thing would actually work as advertised and provide a full day’s power to a notebook and charge via the sun in eight hours (three when plugged into an outlet). But for $148? Hard to believe… Gizmodo has the scoop. This thing deserves some investigation… Here’s the source if you’re […]

Want to Quit Facebook, but Not Really?

Lifehacker has a fascinating article outlining a relatively complex method for dramatically reducing the amount of “private” information revealed by Facebook, without actually quitting the service. Is it overkill? Probably. I figure, there’s really no such thing as "privacy” any longer, unless one completely stops using the Internet and cell phones and other forms of […]

The Best Gadgets for Late-Night Reading

I’ve noticed that the e-ink readers I’ve owned (a Sony Reader from a few years back, and now a Barnes and Nobles nook) just felt better when reading for long periods of time than my other gadgets. I own a Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC, for example, that has a very nice and sharp LED-backlit […]

Technology In Defense of… What, Exactly?

The US remains fully capable of developing and fielding some awesome technology. Boeing’s recent Phantom Ray stealth unmanned vehicle is a case in point, and demonstrates why it would be foolish for any nation or agency to make war against us. Of course, that assumes that we’re willing to defend ourselves, which we’ve not shown […]

Pirate Bay: Guilty

As long as it sticks through the appeals process, this is good news: The Pirate bay verdict: guilty, with jail time: The Pirate Bay “spectrial” has ended in a guilty verdict, prison sentences for the defendants, and a shared 30 million kronor ($3.5 million) fine. According to the Swedish district court, the operators of the […]

Pandora on the Palm Pre

I’m a huge Pandora fan, and so I’m really looking forward to Pandora on the Palm Pre:

Windows 7 on Mac OS X Boot Camp – Too Hot!

So, I’ve been experimenting with running Windows 7 via Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro (Early 2008), and my experience has been a bit frustrating. First, the trackpad simply won’t work, no matter how many drivers I try (and to be specific, the two-finger right-click substitute is a no go). And even if I could […]

My Personal Mac vs. PC Experience: I’m Going with Windows 7

Speaking of the Mac, my year-long experiment is over, and the winner is: Windows 7. Yes, after more than a year using a Macbook Pro (early 2008 edition) as my primary system, I’ve now switched “back” to Windows and have retired the Mac. Some very general conclusions: 1. Windows 7 tipped things in Windows’ favor, […]

Security Expert: Mac Safer Because of Smaller Market Share

I’ve always argued (admittedly, without that sound a technical understanding) that Macs are safer from malware only because Apple’s market share is so much less and therefore there’s less of a market to attract malware writers. Seems like this guy agrees: Pwn2Own contest winner: Macs are safer than Windows: Repeating comments he made earlier, Miller […]