Is Ayn Rand Relevant? An Interview with Yaron Brook

Lots of gems in this one: Is Rand Relevant – An Interview with Yaron Brook: Dr. Yaron Brook is president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute. He recently had a piece published in the Wall Street Journal ( here is the link to the Op-Ed piece: In this interview he responds to […]

Some Thoughts on “Going Galt”

Here’s a piece by the Ayn Rand institute on the conservatives’ attempt to hijack Atlas Shrugged: Is it time to “go Galt”? No: A lot of people are asking that question, which is inspired by Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged. (Ayn Rand didn’t originate the phrase, however. As best I can tell, it was originated […]

More Positive Ayn Rand Coverage from the Non-Objectivist Press

I’m very impressed lately with the amount of very positive press on Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged, not always from the obvious places: Peter Foster: Atlas shrugs, leftists rage: Alan Greenspan was indeed once part of Ayn Rand’s circle, but Rand would have seen his monetary policy as not just flawed, but immoral Novelist Ayn […]

Ayn Rand’s Legacy: Rational Thought vs. Immature Nihilism

This is a truly remarkable debate. Read Dr. Ghates’ cogent, reasonable argument, and the read the argument by Ms. Patterson. If you don’t see the fundamental difference in thought processes, then I don’t know what to say: The Economy Needs Ayn Rand. Also read the comments. So far, they’re overwhelmingly in support of Ayn Rand, […]

News Flash: Effort = Success!

Gosh… Effort = success? Who woulda thunk it? Crazy talk: The Secret to Raising Smart Kids: Growing Pains Many people assume that superior intelligence or ability is a key to success. But more than three decades of research shows that an overemphasis on intellect or talent—and the implication that such traits are innate and fixed—leaves […]

Obama – Worse Than Imagined

Take a few minutes to read this: Obama’s “Extreme Makeover” of America: It is hard to decide any more which current government-spawned disasters and those to come one should dwell on. As on the popular TV program, ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,“ President Barack Obama is overseeing the demolition of the remnants of a republic […]

Atlas Shrugged #1 Amazon Seller in Literature and Fiction

This is great news, although one could certainly wish for different circumstances: Atlas Shrugged is (as of right now) the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s “Literature and Fiction” category. No matter how you spin it, this is great news. To keep updated on it’s status: Amazon’s most popular Literature and Fiction.

John Cox: Life in Obamaland

Absolutely perfect:

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Ayn Rand

I forgot to mention in my previous post: yesterday was Ayn Rand’s birthday. If only she were alive today to help us make sense of things. She had an uncanny, and I would say unparalleled, ability to see straight into the heart of a matter and say what’s right or wrong about it. We need […]

A Short Tribute to Ayn Rand

Michael Berliner has a nice, short piece about Ayn Rand on Ayn Rand: A Legacy of Reason and Freedom. He summarizes her quite nicely here: A sui generis philosopher, who looked at the world anew, Ayn Rand has long puzzled the intellectual establishment. Academia has usually met her views with antagonism or avoidance, unable […]