New York Times Does Its Best to Create Sense of Maudlin Panic

Oh, for Pete’s sake, this is pathetic on so many levels: Come Christmas, McKenna Hunt, a gregarious little girl from Safety Harbor, Fla., will receive the play kitchen and the Elmo doll she wants. But her mother, Kristen Hunt, will go without the designer jeans she covets this season. For Ms. Hunt and for millions […]

News Flash: Mainstream Media Calls for Destruction of Constitution

I disagree with the Belmont Club that the New York Times and MSNBC calling for Bush to resign and Obama to assume the Presidency immediate is merely “impolite.” To me, it borders on sedition to suggest that the Constitution should be ignored and the profoundly important transition of government that it dictates be short-circuited: Gail […]

I Knew Abraham Lincoln, and Mr. Obama–You’re No Abraham Lincoln

The only thing that’s truly “eery” about any coincidental similarities between Obama and Lincoln are that they’re being brought up in serious conversation: The similarities are eerily similar. Both Abraham Lincoln and President-elect Barack Obama were not from Illinois but became two of the state’s top politicians. They were both criticized for being too inexperienced […]

Oxymoron Alert: Violence Chips Away at Cease-Fire

Oxymoron of the week: Israeli tanks forged into the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, drawing mortar fire from Palestinian militants and intensifying violence that has chipped away at a tenuous cease-fire. [Emphasis added.]

MSNBC: CEO’s Should Be Thrown in Jail for Doing Exactly What the Government Wanted Them To Do

Here’s, on the issue of charging the CEO’s of the financial institutions allegedly “responsible for” the financial crisis, and then throwing them in jail: It may be awhile before these cases are brought to trial. For one thing, the investment schemes at the heart of the financial meltdown reached a level of complexity that […]

Bill Ayers – Obama Connection Suddenly the Topic of the Month

Here’s what is utterly fascinating to me about the Bill Ayers story: that it’s become such an open topic, after the election, while it was so taboo prior to Nov. 4. Some might argue that this is because Ayers himself was silent until Obama was elected, but that’s obvious hogwash: the press lives for the […]

European Racism Suddenly Recognized by Mainstream Media

I can’t say that I’ve ever read a mainstream news account about European racism. Consider this story at the New York Times: After U.S. Breakthrough, Europe Looks in Mirror: In the general European euphoria over the election of Barack Obama, there is the beginning of self-reflection about Europe’s own troubles with racial integration. Many are asking if […]

Journalists Attack AIG for Doing Business

Businesses hold conferences at “luxury resorts” because they need to entice people to attend. It’s simply ludicrous to talk about holding a conference at the cheapest hotel one can find in the lowest-cost feography one can think of–such a conference would fail miserably and whatever money was spent would be wasted.  Thus, this story about the […]

Obama Gets a Pass

The Left’s domination of the mainstream media is a significant detriment to any effort to improve the philosophical culture. PowerLine has more on this topic: Having run interference for Barack Obama throughout the campaign, the press is now preparing to do the same once he has been sworn in. A common theme, as the media anticipate […]

CNN: So Confident of Obama’s Victory, Networks Bring Forth New Technology

Now here’s an interesting bit: CNN’s tryout of holograms was the talk of TV on a night where networks brought forth all sorts of gizmos and gadgets to cover Barack Obama’s election as president. [Emphasis added.] There you have it, folks. The networks were so confident in Obama’s victory that they “brought forth all sorts of gizmos […]