SpaceX Kicks Off the Commercial Space Industry

I haven’t followed this story as I should, but a milestone was reached and surpassed yesterday with the launching of the Falcon 9 rocket. By placing a payload into orbit at 155 miles high, SpaceX has demonstrated the ability for a private company to build a delivery system that can replace the government-dominated space industry. […]

Honoring Our Soldiers

Memorial Day was yesterday, and it’s always caused me to reflect on how best to honor those men and women who have fought and died for their country. It’s important to get this kind of thing right—we don’t honor them for what they did for us, we honor them for what they did for themselves. […]

How to Choose Meat

Okay, here’s some food (literally), or rather, some meat. As in, how to choose the best meat. has the goods, and here’s a sample: In no particular order, this is what we think about when we’re choosing a piece of meat out of the case: 1. Well-Butchered – A skilled butcher who cares about […]

20,000mAh for $148? Impossible

I’d love to believe that this thing would actually work as advertised and provide a full day’s power to a notebook and charge via the sun in eight hours (three when plugged into an outlet). But for $148? Hard to believe… Gizmodo has the scoop. This thing deserves some investigation… Here’s the source if you’re […]

The Best Gadgets for Late-Night Reading

I’ve noticed that the e-ink readers I’ve owned (a Sony Reader from a few years back, and now a Barnes and Nobles nook) just felt better when reading for long periods of time than my other gadgets. I own a Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC, for example, that has a very nice and sharp LED-backlit […]

There Really IS Hope for the Future

Here’s part of a talk given by Adam Treager, speaking for his classmates in the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology, Class of 2010: I always used to hope that all of this work would eventually pay off so I could just relax, take a deep breath and enjoy myself. Hah! It took me awhile […]

Anthem by Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged gets most of the press nowadays, but Ayn Rand has another work that perhaps serves as a better introduction to her works. Particularly for younger folks, Anthem provides a glimpse into Ayn Rand’s sense of life that is far shorter and more accessible than Atlas Shrugged. Amazon’s description provides a decent introduction: Written with […]

Yaron Brook and Onkar Ghate Discuss the Berlin Wall – 2009

On the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall, it’s frightening and pathetic to note how little importance our current Administration places on the most powerful symbol of the fall of Communism. That symbol is, of course, the fall of the Berlin Wall, a veritably artistic representation of the return to freedom of millions of people […]

Dr. Binswanger on the Glenn Beck Show, Discussing Obama’s Education Plan

“Churning out Barney Franks, Michael Moores, and Al Gores…” Classic! Definitely worth a watch…

On the American Use of the Atomic Bomb

Two important pieces on America’s use of the atomic bomb in Japan. The impetus was John Stewart’s position that dropping the bomb was a war crime and Truman a war criminal. First, there’s Bill Whittle’s discussion on PJTV. Watch it here. Then, read this John Lewis’s discussion: “Gifts from Heaven”: The Meaning of the American […]