News Flash: Environmentalist’s Worst Predictions Don’t Pan Out

As we head into 2009, I’m glad to see the media (any media, actually) finally fessing up to the fact that environmentalism is nothing but an anti-capitalist, anti-man religion. Here’s a story about some predictions that went wrong: GLOBAL warming preachers have had a shocking 2008. So many of their predictions this year went splat. […]

News Flash: More Bad Global Warming Data Discovered

Power Line has some more on environmentalist data shenanigans: NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, run by global warming alarmist James Hansen, has been a chief source of “data” to support climate hysteria. Repeatedly, though, GISS data have been shown to be flawed, if not fraudulent. Now, it’s happened again: A surreal scientific blunder last week […]

What Goes Down Must Go Up

Here’s a headline for the ages: Sea Ice Growing at Fastest Pace on Record: An abnormally cool Arctic is seeing dramatic changes to ice levels.  In sharp contrast to the rapid melting seen last year, the amount of global sea ice has rebounded sharply and is now growing rapidly. The total amount of ice, which set […]