Taxing Untaxed Products Is Not “Good for the Economy”

Consider the title of this brief bit, Could Legalizing Marijuana Help the Economy?, and then consider the content: FDR spent his first few days in office fixing the banks, and then he legalized beer. President Obama has buoyed the banks; what about legalizing marijuana? asks Keith Stroup, the attorney who founded the National Organization for […]

Shocker: Americans Lack Confidence in Economy

How could it be any different, when the Anointed One has proclaimed far and wide that we’re in a crisis that requires unprecedented government intervention into the economy and our lives: Glum and glummer. That’s how US consumers feel in the midst of worsening economic conditions and little hope that the situation will rebound, according […]

Obama’s Stimulus Plan – By Idiots, For Idiots

I’d assume that this was satire if it weren’t in the LA Times: Stimulus package tax credit should mean $8 to $10 a week: What benefits will I see if I am working? You’ll receive a $400 tax credit if you make less than $75,000, or an $800 credit for couples making less than $150,000 […]

The GOP is Screwed, and So Are We

Here’s a prime example of why the Republicans lost the election, and can’t hope to win anything back anytime soon: Nationalization: Is It the Only Answer to Save Banks?: A year ago, it would have been unthinkable: Sen. Lindsey Graham advocating a government takeover of private banks — but that is exactly what he suggested […]

Are We Really All Socialists Now? Newsweek Seems to Think So

I missed this Newsweek article, somehow: We Are All Socialists Now: The interview was nearly over. on the Fox News Channel last Wednesday evening, Sean Hannity was coming to the end of a segment with Indiana Congressman Mike Pence, the chair of the House Republican Conference and a vociferous foe of President Obama’s nearly $1 […]

“Dear Mr. Obama: Please make it rain candy.”

This is frightening propaganda, and yet utterly unsurprising: New e-book captures kids’ hopes, dreams for Obama: NEW YORK (AP) — End war, forever. Make the planet greener. Please help my dad find work. Make it rain candy! Thousands of kids detailed their hopes and expectations for President Barack Obama in letters and drawings as part […]

Does Barack Obama Own You?

Edward Cline has written another must-read: Who “Owns” the Economy, “Owns” You: Several of President Barack Obama’s supporters, inside government and outside of it, are suffering from a severe, contagious bout of foot-in-mouth disease. The one who contracted it and passed it on was Chuck Todd, NBC’s White House correspondent. “On MSNBC just now, Chuck […]

Government Forces Banks to Take Bailout, then Less Pay, then Comes for the Rest of Us?

So, that’s the game, then. Government basically forces banks to accept “bailout” money, and then government takes over. It starts with limiting executive pay, and will end with… well, your guess is as good as mine. Note that this is pretty much the definition of fascism, as Ayn Rand pointed out: Notice how Obama puts […]

Government “Stimulus”: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

I’ve quoted Walter Williams quite a bit on this blog, and there’s a reason for it. As usual, he gets to the point: There Is No Santa: Here is what my George Mason University colleague Professor Richard Wagner wrote, which was published by Office of the House Republican Leader: “Any so-called stimulus program is a […]

Warren Buffet Knows Investing, Butchers Economics, Wears His Guilt on His Sleeve

I’ve always believed that people should stick with doing what they know best. Doctors should stick to medicine, lawyers should stick to law, and businesspeople should stick to business. Unless they’ve taken the time to delve into a different topic, say, ethics or economics, then they shouldn’t allow their fame or professional reputation to give […]