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If You’re Fat, Don’t Blame McDonald’s

Um, yes, well, duh: Nope, McDonald’s Isn’t Making Us Fat: Don’t blame fast-food restaurants for why America seems so supersized. This new economic study from Northwestern University and UC Berkeley seems to disprove the the common nutritional myth: The results find no evidence of a causal link between restaurants and obesity, and the estimates are […]

News Flash: Environmentalist’s Worst Predictions Don’t Pan Out

As we head into 2009, I’m glad to see the media (any media, actually) finally fessing up to the fact that environmentalism is nothing but an anti-capitalist, anti-man religion. Here’s a story about some predictions that went wrong: GLOBAL warming preachers have had a shocking 2008. So many of their predictions this year went splat. […]

Worthless Trivia: American Idol to Lose Home

Fitting squarely in the “who gives a shit?” category: ‘American Idol’ Winner Fantasia Barrino May Lose Home: From The Associated Press: “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino is again finding that, like the title of her autobiography, life is not a fairy tale. Court documents obtained Tuesday show one of Barrino’s houses in Charlotte is up […]

A Rule of Reason Book Review: New Deal or Raw Deal?

Good reading: Burton Folsom’s New Deal or Raw Deal? is a timely, informative and captivating read on the destructive economic policies on the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration. This book is a valuable addition to the growing number of books on how government intervention, not free markets, plunged the United States deep into the Great Depression. […]

Boy George Just Can’t Buy Love

And he’d just about have to, wouldn’t he?: Boy George guilty of false imprisonment: Boy George, the flamboyant former Culture Club front man, was convicted Friday of falsely imprisoning a male escort. Norwegian escort Audun Carlsen had alleged he was handcuffed to a wall hook at the singer’s east London apartment on April 28, 2007. […]

Automakers Bow to the New Kings

I can think of no more pathetic, yet perfectly representative, example of just how badly capitalism is being betrayed than the spectacle of American automakers stooping to this level: Big men drove small cars on a road trip to Washington to beg for billions and billions of taxpayers’ dollars. They rotated driving duties, ate at […]

News Flash: Americans Know Nothing About Being Americans

Walter Williams discusses the results of a terribly distressing study: Ignorance Reigns Supreme: How about a few civics questions? Name the three branches of government. If you answered the executive, legislative and judicial, you are more informed than 50 percent of Americans. The Delaware-based Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) recently released the results of their national […]

Former Communist Butchers in Vogue in Seattle, New York, San Francisco

My wife, who grew up in the Soviet Union, would find this disturbing: New York City, it seems,  wants to be second to none in public memorials to Communist tyrants. After all, Seattle has a statue of Lenin adorning its waterfront, and San Francisco has a statue and plaque honoring the veterans of the Abraham […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat Too Much!

Happy Thanksgiving! On this other most American of holidays, I refer you to the Ayn Rand Institute: Thanksgiving celebrates man’s ability to produce. The cornucopia filled with exotic flowers and delicious fruits, the savory turkey with aromatic trimmings, the mouth-watering pies, the colorful decorations — it’s all a testament to the creation of wealth. Thanksgiving […]