Why I Don’t Have an iPhone

Any device for which the following can be written in a serious news story is one that I can’t imagine having any use for: Early this year, iFart Mobile was one of the more popular titles on the AppStore, where there are currently over 75 fart-themed titles on offer. The bloom may be off the […]

This is Your Brain on Viruses

When I read this headline: Study: Gore doesn’t motivate video game players: I swear I read it as Al Gore. And for a moment I was thinking, “How stupid, but predictable, that someone wanted to give Al Gore credit for this, as well.” Meh, on the story itself. Whatever, I say. My my, but this […]

Boy George Just Can’t Buy Love

And he’d just about have to, wouldn’t he?: Boy George guilty of false imprisonment: Boy George, the flamboyant former Culture Club front man, was convicted Friday of falsely imprisoning a male escort. Norwegian escort Audun Carlsen had alleged he was handcuffed to a wall hook at the singer’s east London apartment on April 28, 2007. […]

Not-so-Stupid Human Tricks

Strange stuff: Persistent sexual arousal syndrome. An allergy to cold temperatures. Music-induced seizures. They are conditions that you may be hard-pressed to find in the medical literature. Bring them up in front of a physician, and in some cases you may get little more than a blank stare. But they exist. And while such rare […]

John Lennon’s Soul Rests Easier After Vatican Forgives

That’s big of ’em: Vatican forgives John Lennon for Jesus quip: The Vatican’s newspaper has finally forgiven John Lennon for declaring that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, calling the remark a “boast” by a young man grappling with sudden fame. Now maybe his soul can cross the pearly gates. Or something.


This falls squarely in “good news, bad news” territory: Late last summer, Rosemary Alvarez of Phoenix thought she had a brain tumor. But on the operating table her doctor discovered something even more unsightly — a parasitic worm eating her brain. … Yet at a key moment during the operation to remove [a] fingernail-sized tumor, […]

Cringe-Worthy: Woman Awake During Surgery

Wasn’t there a movie about something like this? An Australian woman says she will have nightmares for the rest of her life after a horrific operation gone wrong. During the ordeal, Rebecca Jones, 24, claims she woke up during abdominal surgery at a hospital in Alice Springs, located in Australia’s Northern Territory. She could feel […]

Say What? Man Pregnant with Second Child

I think this is perhaps the most bizarre story of 2008:  Thomas Beatie, known as “the pregnant man,” was interviewed Monday by CNN’s Larry King. Joining Thomas was his wife, Nancy. Thomas gave birth in July to the couple’s first child, Susan, and now they’re expecting again. Larry King: Thomas and Nancy, welcome. Congratulations. How is […]

I’m With Stupid: Woman Sends $400K to Nigeria

Ye gads: The scammers ran Spears through the whole program. They said President Bush and FBI Director “Robert Muller” (their spelling) were in on the deal and needed her help. They sent official-looking documents and certificates from the Bank of Nigeria and even from the United Nations. Her payment was “guaranteed.” Then the amount she […]

Obama’s Inauguration to Stem Automaker Losses

Here’s a bizarre sentiment expressed by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm in calling for assistance to the Big Three automakers as part of the $700B bailout: “We’re in a situation where there’s a great unknown about what will happen,” said Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat. “And a great concern that at least one of the companies […]