R.I.P. Gary Coleman

Only 42 years old, Gary Coleman died today of an intercranial hemorrhage after falling and striking his head earlier in the week. He’ll best be remembered for the line, “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?" in the show “Different Strokes” that ran from 1978-86. I’ll always remember Coleman for his role as the diminutive foster child, having […]

How to Choose Meat

Okay, here’s some food (literally), or rather, some meat. As in, how to choose the best meat. thekitchen.com has the goods, and here’s a sample: In no particular order, this is what we think about when we’re choosing a piece of meat out of the case: 1. Well-Butchered – A skilled butcher who cares about […]

Dr. Hurd – Immigration Isn’t the Problem

It’s pithy, but right on the mark: In a totally free society, immigration would not be an issue. This is because in a free society, nobody would be forced to take care of anybody else. In such a society, the only people who would WANT to come would be the most productive and those most […]

Newsflash: Steyn Eviscerates Obama Again

Mark Steyn is one of the few non-Objectivist writers I can think of who says the right thing more often than not, even when the right thing is politically incorrect. He has ample opportunity to do so, of course, given the Obama presidency, and in an article in the National Review he’s true form. Discussing […]

Obama as Anti-American

Edward Cline sent a letter to Charles Krauthammer at the Washington Post, to nudge Krauthammer in the direction of calling Obama out morally and not just practically. In his usual well-written and –reasoned style, Cline identified in the letter Obama’s essential nature: Obama is the vengeance dream of every anti-American “radical” who ever demonstrated against […]

Woody Allen: Obama Should Be a Dictator

Yes, Hollywood remains largely disconnected from reality. Speaking about the great job that Obama has been doing as President, Woody Allen said: I am pleased with Obama. I think he’s brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him…it would be good…if he could be a dictator for […]

Apple Bans iSlam Muhammad App from App Store

Apple’s jumped onto the Muslim appeasement bandwagon and banned an app that simply quotes from the Koran from the App Store. I’m working on a piece that goes into more detail about why Apple bugs me, but for now just watch the video. It’s instructive.

20,000mAh for $148? Impossible

I’d love to believe that this thing would actually work as advertised and provide a full day’s power to a notebook and charge via the sun in eight hours (three when plugged into an outlet). But for $148? Hard to believe… Gizmodo has the scoop. This thing deserves some investigation… Here’s the source if you’re […]

Tech Lobbying: Less Than It Should Be

Gizmodo acts like the amounts spent by technology companies on lobbying is a lot. In actual fact, given the extent of the regulations that determine so many aspects of how these companies do business, the amounts are actually quite insignificant. I would have expected them to be much, much higher. Here’s the chart, from Gizmodo:

Earth Day 1970 – Predictions Gone Wild

The site IHatetheMedia.com posted some of the spectacular predictions from the very first Earth Day, in 1970. They’ve turned out precisely as one might imagine. Here’s a sample: “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” • George Wald, Harvard Biologist “We are in an environmental […]