Greeks Demand Sacrifice

Greece, once the cradle of modern civilization, has stumbled lately with an economic fiasco brought about largely by a failing welfare (read: altruist/collectivist) state. It appears that they want the rest of the world to pay for their mistakes.

As Voices for Reason has reported, the Greeks are attacking a pharmaceutical company for refusing to sacrifice themselves:

“Brutal blackmail” and “a violation of corporate social responsibility.” That’s how some diabetics in Greece are describing the recent decision by Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company, to stop selling certain insulin products in Greece.

Novo Nordisk manufactures easy-to-use insulin delivery devices that resemble fountain pens. More than 50,000 Greek diabetics use them. But not for long. The company has withdrawn the products from the market.

Why? Because the government of Greece is trying to mitigate its financial crisis at pharmaceutical companies’ expense by unilaterally ordering a 25% reduction in the price of all medicines. According to a Novo Nordisk spokesperson, “the price cut would force its business in Greece to run at a loss.” Oh yes, there’s also a little matter of $36 million that Greece already owes the company, with no certainty of payment in sight.

Read the whole thing. The saddest part is, we’ll soon likely see the same sorts of demands here in the United States—that is, if there are any pharmaceutical companies left anywhere in the world of which to make such demands.

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