Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s Spiritual Father Speaks

It’s been awhile since this blog has been updated. That’s not been on purpose, and the story behind the delay might be interesting to some (it’s a story about the housing and financial crisis, on a very micro scale), but it’s not been decided whether it’s actually worth a post.

What is worth it, though, is this bit from Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s spiritual father–or, at least, the man who once was Barack Obama’s spiritual father before he was thrown under a bus during the Obama campaign. It’s fairly well known, however, or should be, that this man had a great deal to do with shaping Obama’s world view or at least was the result of the same Leftist engine that produced our current President. Understanding what this man, Wright, has to say about the world is therefore enlightening in understanding how Obama looks at the world as well.

Take a look. It’s fascinating stuff–that is, fascinating like watching a lion take down a gazelle or, perhaps more to the point, like watching a mobster shake down the victim of a protection racket. You can’t help but keep watching, no matter how disturbing, because you know that understanding it is and will become increasingly important as you try to survive in the world as it’s being remade, or changed, if you will.

Update: I listened to more of the video since writing the above, and I’d like to┬áchange my admonition: absolutely, take a look. You must. In fact, listen to the whole damn thing. If you’re familiar with Ellsworth Toohey from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, you’ll hear his voice spewing out from this man’s mouth. And if you don’t hear some of Barack Obama here as well, then I’d be very surprised.

Rev Jeremiah Wright (introduced by Robert McChesney) at Monthly Review’s 60th Anniversary from Vimeo.

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