Windows 7 on Mac OS X Boot Camp – Too Hot!

So, I’ve been experimenting with running Windows 7 via Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro (Early 2008), and my experience has been a bit frustrating. First, the trackpad simply won’t work, no matter how many drivers I try (and to be specific, the two-finger right-click substitute is a no go). And even if I could fix that little problem, the damn thing runs incredibly hot. I’ve seen it hit over 80° C, which is scary hot as far as I’m concerned.

So, it seems like it’ll be awhile before I’m able to use the thing productively. Since switching “back” to Windows 7, I’ve not found much use for it running OS X.

Incidentally, Windows 7 runs fine, for the most part, in VMWare’s Fusion, albeit with choppy sound. But the darn thing still gets too hot, so even that’s unhelpful for the moment.

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