The Guns of Nihilism – On Obama and the Pirates

Seems like Obama wasn’t completely honest about his administration’s role in the recent pirate crisis. In The Guns of Nihilism, Ed Cline lays out the meaning of the crisis and America’s response to it:

I freely admit to parodying the title of a great adventure film here, “The Guns of Navarone” ( 1961, directed by J. Lee Thompson, based on Alistair MacLean’s novel). This finely directed and superbly cast “war” move reflects a morality largely absent in film for decades, not to mention skill in creating conflict and drama. And there is a relevance to be noted between Obama’s nihilism and the pro-life, goal-directed character of the film.

Like the Castellano/Bainbridge/Navy SEAL episode, “Navarone” is also a nonpareil suspense story. In 1943, a British commando team is sent to destroy a pair of massive German anti-ship guns that can pulverize any warship attempting to evacuate British troops surrounded on a Greek island. The position of the fortified guns atop a 400-foot cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea renders them impregnable against Allied naval and air action. They can only be destroyed from within — by the commandos. By the end of one of the most suspenseful action films ever made, they accomplish their mission.

Fast forward to the Indian Ocean, April 2009. American warships are stymied, not by mammoth German guns, not by a disciplined German army, not even by four pirates in a rowboat, but by the value-negating morality of altruism and by an American president who is, in the most fundamental moral sense, on the side of the pirates.

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