More Positive Ayn Rand Coverage from the Non-Objectivist Press

I’m very impressed lately with the amount of very positive press on Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged, not always from the obvious places: Peter Foster: Atlas shrugs, leftists rage:

Alan Greenspan was indeed once part of Ayn Rand’s circle, but Rand would have seen his monetary policy as not just flawed, but immoral

Novelist Ayn Rand has always driven lefties to distraction, but it seems that readers are turning in increasing numbers to the founder of “Objectivism” for clues about the origins of the current financial crisis.

Atlas Shrugged — her sprawling novel set in a United States where the economy is collapsing under the dead weight of government edict — reportedly sold 200,000 copies south of the border last year. Sales have continued to rise in 2009 and, according to tracking Web site, the book is currently No. 30 on the Amazon rankings. The Economist has noted that spikes in sales of the book, which has sold six million copies since it was published in 1957, have tended to coincide over the past year with announcements of U.S. bank bailouts.

This might very well be the first place I’ve seen outside of Objectivist sites, editorials, and LTEs pointing out that Alan Greenspan is not an Objectivist.

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