Is Ayn Rand Relevant? An Interview with Yaron Brook

Lots of gems in this one: Is Rand Relevant – An Interview with Yaron Brook:

Dr. Yaron Brook is president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute. He recently had a piece published in the Wall Street Journal ( here is the link to the Op-Ed piece:

In this interview he responds to questions regarding his op-ed piece and delves into other tangential issues. We appreciate his taking the time to reply to questions.

1) Yaron, you recently had a piece published in the Wall Street Journal (thank God it wasn’t in the New York Times). You asked if Ayn Rand was relevant. What led to this question?

First off, I think it would have been great to have a piece in the New York Times. What could be better than having Atlas Shrugged discussed in the heart of enemy territory? Turning to your question, my op-ed in the Wall Street Journal was motivated by the increased interest in Atlas Shrugged. Sales of the novel have tripled compared to the same period last year (and that was a record year), and there’s been a lot of talk—on television, in periodicals, on the Web—about how prophetic the novel is, given what’s happening to the economy. There’s even been a “Going Galt” movement of sorts.

Many of these commentators seem to view Atlas Shrugged as a novel that’s primarily about politics and economics. The main issue that my editorial addresses—and which we feel is extremely important to address—is that the origins of the crisis in Atlas Shrugged and the origins of today’s crisis are much deeper than that. They result from the prevailing morality of the culture, of which political systems are an extension. In Atlas Shrugged the political system is crumbling because of the morality of altruism, and that is also the root source of our current crisis.

So Rand is relevant, and she’s relevant on a level far more fundamental than politics and economics. That’s what the editorial was written to convey.

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