Tiger Woods Reads Atlas Shrugged

This awesome: Why Tiger Woods is the Opposite of Hope:

Here’s the thing: He planned it. The win, the baby, the half year off. Probably in that order, too. And I don’t mean that he was gambling on the knee holding up and then won, or that he underestimated the pain and then won anyway. And I don’t mean that Tiger hoped he would win the U.?S. Open. He planned it. He wrote an opera, right there in front of our fat Father’s Day faces. The guy Day-Timered the most contested individual event in sports. Sunday: Roll in a twenty-footer to gut Mediate. Monday: Win eighteen-hole playoff. Tuesday: Meet the press, discuss the “drama.” Wednesday: Announce surgery. Thursday: No food after 7:00 p.m.! Friday: Hospital. Bring Atlas Shrugged to read in recovery.

Given that Tiger would make a good candidate should Galt’s Gulch need an athlete, this is entirely appropriate.

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