Americans Not Terribly Happy with Obama’s Performance–But Not Terribly Unhappy, Either

It doesn’t say much about why Obama’s approval ratings are what they are, but it’s encouraging nonetheless (and I don’t find this title supportable): Voters Skeptical of Dems’ Leftward Lurch:

Scott Rasmussen has been tracking Obama’s “approval index,” which is the difference between those who “strongly approve” of his performance and those who “strongly disapprove.” Today the approval index declined to + 8, the lowest level in Obama’s brief tenure in office.


Overall, 58 percent approve of Obama’s performance so far, while 40 percent disapprove. As we’ve said before, that’s not bad, but it’s nothing special for a newly-elected President. Jimmy Carter was more popular at this stage of his administration.

Again, there’s no reason given as to why the numbers are what they are. And the original source has some rather disappointing numbers:

Fifty-six percent (56%) say that Obama is a good or an excellent leader. Just 24% say he is a poor leader. For more measures, see Obama By the Numbers.

It might be that people don’t like his Leftist bent. It might also be that people just don’t like that they’re not getting a bigger piece of the pie. But, it shows that there’s some general unhappiness that could be exploited with a few good principles.

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