Obama Administration Tells North Korea: “Whatevah!”

Via Little Green Footballs… Obama’s most important role is to act as Commander in Chief. And so, what does his Defense Secretary do? Declares ahead of time that the United States will not act against a foreign power’s threatening actions: Gates: U.S. Not Prepared to Respond to North Korea Missile Launch:

The United States can do nothing to stop North Korea from breaking international law in the next 10 days by firing a missile that is unlikely to be shot down by the U.S. or its allies, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday.

Appearing on “FOX News Sunday,” Gates said North Korea “probably will” fire the missile, prompting host Chris Wallace to ask: “And there’s nothing we can do about it?”

“No,” Gates answered, adding, “I would say we’re not prepared to do anything about it.”

Last week, Admiral Timothy Keating, commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific, said the U.S. is “fully prepared” to shoot down the missile. But Gates said such a response is unlikely.

“I think if we had an aberrant missile, one that was headed for Hawaii, that looked like it was headed for Hawaii or something like that, we might consider it,” Gates said. “But I don’t think we have any plans to do anything like that at this point.”

As LGF pointed out, you say that you don’t comment on potential actions. You don’t say you’re not going to do anything, which is just an invitation to action on the part of your enemies.

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