“Dear Mr. Obama: Please make it rain candy.”

This is frightening propaganda, and yet utterly unsurprising: New e-book captures kids’ hopes, dreams for Obama:

NEW YORK (AP) — End war, forever. Make the planet greener. Please help my dad find work. Make it rain candy!

Thousands of kids detailed their hopes and expectations for President Barack Obama in letters and drawings as part of a worldwide project, with 150 chosen for a free e-book being released on Presidents Day.

Most had tall orders for the new guy in the White House.

Anthony Pape, 10, of DuBois, Pa., offered: “I hope that we will have no war ever again. I mean why are we fighting why can’t we all be friends.”

Fellow 10-year-old Sasha Townsend of Soquel, Calif., had a similar request, and then some.

“I would appreciate it if you would try to make this a greener planet and try to bring home the troops and end the war,” the fifth-grader wrote. “I am very luckey because I am not part of a military family, but it saddens me to hear about all the people who die in Iraque and know that somewhere In the world people are greiving over a lost family member.”

Seven-year-old Aaron Van Blerkom’s letter was simpler – but no less problematic.

“Dear Mr. Obama,” the Pasadena, Calif., first-grader began, “Please Make it rain candy!”

Really, I think these kids have merely expressed the kind of blind, unthinking, irrational support that Obama received in getting elected, and since then in pushing his fascist/socialist legislation through Congress. The only difference is that you can’t blame the kids.

And here’s some sickening cheerleading from the AP:

The “Dear Mr. President” project was a joint effort between the National Education Association and kidthing.com, which is putting out the book for use with its downloadable media player. A special hardcopy edition of the book will be sent to the White House for Obama, who has done wonders to bring the office of the presidency to life for young people. [Emphasis added.]

This is news reporting?

It reminds me of a recent assignment given to my son’s third grade class, namely for each student to write an essay discussing what he or she would do as President. My son told me that the teacher’s suggestions revolved around such altruistic notions as “giving money to the poor” and socialistic ones such as “fix the economy so everybody has a job.” The blatantly Leftist nature of this political indoctrination was stunning, and took me more than a few minutes to try to counteract. Most disturbing is that my son considered the teacher to be an authority in such matters, as she positions herself with subjects such as math and language.

Unless we get control of our kids’ educations, we’re lost. And given the utterly despicable nature of our educational system, that’s not a very encouraging statement.

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