A Short Tribute to Ayn Rand

Michael Berliner has a nice, short piece about Ayn Rand on capmag.com: Ayn Rand: A Legacy of Reason and Freedom. He summarizes her quite nicely here:

A sui generis philosopher, who looked at the world anew, Ayn Rand has long puzzled the intellectual establishment. Academia has usually met her views with antagonism or avoidance, unable to fathom that she was an individualist but not a subjectivist, an absolutist but not a dogmatist. And they have thus ignored her original solutions to such seemingly intractable problems as how to ground values in facts. But even in academia her ideas are finding more acceptance, e.g., university fellowships and a subgroup within the American Philosophical Association to study Objectivism.

Ayn Rand left a legacy in defense of reason and freedom that serves as a guidepost for the American spirit–especially pertinent today when America and what it stands for are under assault.

Read the whole thing. If we have a hope of saving Western civilization, and America in particular, then we need Ayn Rand.

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