The End of Healthcare As We Know It (or, at all)

If the Left has its way, many or most of the recent advances in medicine will be destroyed. Hype? I’d like to think so, but I’m probably understating it. More likely, our healthcare system will be utterly destroyed, turned into something more akin to the DMV or–horrors of horrors–the Canadian or British healthcare systems.

Read this, and weep: The “Federal Health Board:” Another Scheme to Ration Healthcare:

Tom Daschle, President-elect Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, has big plans for healthcare. Mr. Daschle has proposed a new “Federal Health Board,” an agency that would have unprecedented powers over the healthcare industry. This new federal board would essentially determine by government fiat what doctors can and cannot do to treat their patients. This represents not only a vast increase in government regulations, but the virtual elimination of healthcare decisions at the point of service, and the specter of government bureaucrats making life and death decisions over physicians and patients.

Never mind what you and your physician think is the best course of treatment, the “Federal Health Board” in Washington will make all those decisions for you. You and your doctor think you need surgery—sorry, the “Federal Health Board “has determined that this is not “cost effective.” Your child needs certain medications to fight a life threatening illness—you’re out of luck, the “Federal Health Board” has determined that these medications are not “efficient” use of healthcare. Your doctor thinks you need open heart surgery tomorrow to save your life—too bad, the “Federal Health Board” has determined that others with “more need” will come first. The intent here is obvious: Mr. Daschle’s proposal is yet another enormous step toward the final end of all government controlled healthcare schemes–the *rationing* of healthcare.

I have spent nearly thirty years studying, training for and practicing medicine. The idea that bureaucrats in Washington know better how to treat my patients is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American people. And yet this idea is precisely what Mr. Obama and Daschle will force onto all Americans.

Read the whole thing, in fact.

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