Obama Gets No Love from Congressional Democrats

I must say, I’m surprised by this: Key Democrats blast Obama stimulus plan. I expected Obama and a Democratic Congress to run roughshod over our lives and liberty, with nary a word of dissent from either. And so, the fact that there’s any sort of conflict at all is welcome news.

Key measures of President-elect Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan are facing a barrage of criticism from some Senate Democrats, with one charging the plan’s tax breaks were a return to “trickledown” economics.

During a lengthy closed-door meeting Thursday evening with Democratic senators on Capitol Hill, Larry Summers, tapped to head the National Economic Council, and senior Obama adviser David Axelrod heard complaints about the stimulus plan, according to participants who spoke afterward.

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said he was “concerned about the way Mr. Summers and others are going on this.” In particular, Harkin dismissed the tax breaks for individuals as a return to “trickledown” economics that won’t work.

Harkin said the Obama aides were “noncommittal” about whether they would change their plan.

However, Summers said the senators’ message was “received loud and clear,” according to Sen. Kent Conrad, D-North Dakota.

Axelrod declined to characterize the Democratic senators’ reaction as “pushback.” “I’m going to characterize it as people doing their jobs,” he said.

Not that I expect it to last, of course. And, not that I consider Obama’s plan anything but the same old confiscation. It’s just that I expected the only obstruction to Obama’s wholesale takeover of society and the economy to come from a few Congressional Republicans, if that.

We continue to live in interesting times.

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