The Price of (Indentured) Service: $745 Million

Obama’s final purchase price for his Presidential election? $745 million:

Barack Obama, who rewrote the book on presidential fundraising, amassed more than $745 million during his marathon campaign, more than twice the amount obtained by his rival, Republican John McCain.

In his latest finance report, Obama reported raising $104 million in more than five weeks immediately before and after Election Day. It was his second biggest fundraising period and a fitting coda to a successful presidential bid that shattered fundraising records.

In the end, Obama still had $30 million left over.

This is one area where I’ve not devoted much thought, and I understand the First Amendment issues inherent in political campaigns (e.g., it’s not about Obama’s right to receive $745 million in contributions, as much as it’s about people’s right to give $745 million in contributions, that smacks up against the First Amendment), but still: there’s something that bothers me about this. And it’s not just that it was a Leftist such as Obama who received this kind of money, nor even specifically that he welched on his promise to stick to public contributions….

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