Automakers Bow to the New Kings

I can think of no more pathetic, yet perfectly representative, example of just how badly capitalism is being betrayed than the spectacle of American automakers stooping to this level:

Big men drove small cars on a road trip to Washington to beg for billions and billions of taxpayers’ dollars. They rotated driving duties, ate at Quiznos, and – presumably – used public restrooms like the rest of us.

No, they’re not the heroes of Atlas Shrugged, who went on strike to avoid just this sort of evil compromise. But, one might have hoped for better than this.

And the mainstream media is more than happy to rub it in:

The participants were executives of Detroit’s Big Three U.S. car companies. Their sought-after prize: $34 billion in public aid for their beleaguered industry.

To help their chances, they made a very humble and public 500-plus mile drive of shame from the Motor City to Washington for congressional hearings Thursday and Friday.

Congress as well, it appears:

“Are you planning to drive back?” one senator, Alabama Republican Richard Shelby, asked the panel of witnesses at the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing.

And, note that this is a Republican Senator.

And one executive’s response?

“I drove with a colleague. We split it up about 50/50. We drove down yesterday and I’m going to drive (back) myself Friday or Saturday,” he answered.

And Senator Dodd?

“Where’d you (stay)? What did you eat?” teased the committee chairman, Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn.

Hah hah. So very, very funny.

They’re starting to feed on the corpse now.

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