WWOD: What Would Obama Do?

Oh. My. God. It’s actually made it into the vernacular. From the Associated Press:

President-elect Barack Obama is an invisible force as foreign leaders and Congress convene separately in Washington, the economy at center stage.

One sentiment runs below the crosscurrents as a summit of world leaders wrestles with a global crisis this weekend and Congress in the week ahead struggles with rising unemployment and an ailing auto industry: What would Obama do? [Emphasis added.]

There you have it. It’s official: Obama is the Second Coming. WWOD.

Ye gads.

And then there’s this bit:

Obama is being especially cautious about the economic summit, letting President George W. Bush represent the nation. But in the Democratic radio address Saturday, Obama subtly made the point that the summit was only a beginning. “I’m glad President Bush has initiated this process because our global economic crisis requires a coordinated global response,” he said.

How f’ing├é┬ámagnanimous, that Obama should “let” the standing President “represent the nation.” What a saint.

And then there’s Obama’s curious diction. I think we’ll be having fun with this for at least the next four years, given that Obama’s so darned smooth with a teleprompter but not so much without one.

“If Congress does not pass an immediate plan that gives the economy the boost it needs, I will make it my first order of business as president,” Obama said.

Um, Mr. President-Elect: you cannot make it your first order as President to “pass an immediate plan,” or any plan, for that matter. At best, you can make a suggestion, but of course it’s Congress that shall do the actual passing.

Ye gads, squared.

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