What the Republican Party Should and Shouldn’t Do

Confusing title aside, I essentially agree with this post on Little Green Footballs: Should the GOP Double Down on Social Conservatism?: 

If the GOP decides to go in the Bobby Jindal direction (fundamental Christianity, creationism, hard-line anti-abortionism, aggressively anti-gay rights), it will be committing political suicide. As much as anything else, this election was a referendum on the social conservative agenda, and the social conservatives did not win.

But while the post says what the Republican Party shouldn’t do, it doesn’t say what it should do. And that is: defend laissez-faire capitalism and individual rights as the pro-freedom party. They (or, at least, McCain’s campaign) had the opportunity to do so with the initial public outcry against the bailout, and they failed miserably. Had they done so, they could have distanced themselves from both Obama–and Bush–on a fundamental issue near and dear to the average American’s heart.

Enough of the Founders’ influence remains in the American spirit that most people would embrace economic freedom–just as they embrace the sorts of social freedoms that the Republican Party has been attacking these last few decades. Doing so would require booting the religious right from the party, but that would be a good thing. Maybe then the Republicans could become the part of reason, as well.

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