Say What? Man Pregnant with Second Child

I think this is perhaps the most bizarre story of 2008: 

Thomas Beatie, known as “the pregnant man,” was interviewed Monday by CNN’s Larry King. Joining Thomas was his wife, Nancy. Thomas gave birth in July to the couple’s first child, Susan, and now they’re expecting again.

Larry King: Thomas and Nancy, welcome. Congratulations. How is it going?

Thomas Beatie: Good, thank you.

King: Are you surprised at all of this attention, or did you expect it?

Thomas: Honestly, we are quite surprised. We naively thought that we were going to be able to get away with me giving birth without anyone knowing. 

King: Let’s break it down so we understand the story. You were a woman, right? You were a woman? You now call yourself a man. You were born a female?

Thomas: Yes.

Personally, I see no compelling moral issues either way (and I mention that only because some definitely might). It’s just very strange.

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