Politics and Children

It’s bad enough when my wife and I are exposed to the bad ideas rampant in our culture. It’s even worse when our children are so abused.

Case in point, here’s a question from a reading comprehension worksheet assigned to my third-grade son by the State of California:

1. Which statement is a fact? [Emphasis added.]

a. Americans will vote for the president on November 4.

b. John McCain will easily win the election.

c. Barack Obama will make the best president.

On the one hand, I’m inclined to believe that this was written by a Leftist committee that must have gotten a real kick out of sticking it to the Man. I can imagine them snickering at how ludicrous it is that McCain would “easily” win at anything, as opposed to the obvious truth that Obama would clearly make a better President. 

Then again, I have to wonder. Obviously, “a.” is the right answer, but then that leaves both “b.” and “c.” as false. That is, it can’t be a fact, by the question’s logic, that either McCain will easily win the election nor that Obama will make the best president.

Perhaps it was written by a pessimistic Republican? I suppose we’ll never know…

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