Pelosi Calls for Fascist Approach to Automaker Bailout

Pelosi gives some insight into her thought process as she talks about a potential “bailout” of the automakers:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that accountability and austerity are required of the auto industry if they are to receive any public funds to help them in their time of crisis.

“The U.S. tax payer is not willing, nor are the representatives in Congress going to vote for an infusion of cash in the companies, so that these CEOs can be amply rewarded for their lack of success,” said Pelosi, D-Calif., on CBS’ Face The Nation.

“Senator Reid and I sent a letter at the end of this week to the CEOs, to say these are the kinds of things we’d like to see in a plan; austerity, in terms of dividends and bonuses and compensation and the rest, for sure, on the one hand; and then, also, what are you doing to innovate? What are you doing to earn this money?

“For lack of success, you get amply rewarded? Something is wrong with this picture. But what we are saying to Detroit should be very good news to them, and that is, we want to be their partners to go forward. We have to subject everything to scrutiny.”[Emphasis added.]

Here, “innovate” means to come up with alternative energy vehicles, I’m fairly certain, while her preoccupation with CEO compensation (really, a fairly pedestrian populist appeal to class envy) is expected. The last bit, I think, is most pertinent, where she talks about being “partners” and subjecting things to “scrutiny.”

Fascism, at its best.

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