Obama the Internationalist

Should Obama relinquish American sovereignty to the internationalists, which the Left has been salivating over the for the last few decades, then the intellectual batter is infinitely more difficult. Not only is the battleground simply larger (as in, global), but what remains of the American political philosophy of individual rights and limited government simply doesn’t exist outside our borders. Arguing for the principles of individual rights, reason, and capitalism within the borders of the United States is one thing; doing it in an arena where China, Russia, the Muslim world, and the third world are “equal” players is quite another.

PowerLine has more on why Obama’s Presidency is particularly dangerous in this respect:

Other than the racial angle, the thing that has Barack Obama’s supporters most excited is the prospect that, thanks to ascension, America will once more be liked and respected around the world. Those aroused by this prospect can be divided into two categories. The first are the folks who believe, with the naivety only a certain type of liberal can possess, that a gesture (the election of Obama) can transform, lastingly and without cost, the way the world views us. These people are fools.

The second category are those who believe that Obama will take substantive positions that please foreigners and that, in particular, he will back measures that limit U.S. sovereignty. These people are on to something.

In the November 17 issue of the National Review (not available online to my knowledge), John Fonte of the Hudson Institute identifies four “transnational power grabs” that Obama is likely to push for They are: the Law of the Sea Treaty, the Rights of the Child Treaty, the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and the International Criminal Court. Agreement by the U.S. to these arrangements would make us more popular with foreigners, but only at a cost to our national security, our right of self-governance, and our rights under the Constitution.

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