News Flash: Obama Ignores Own Position About Government Deficits

Here’s a convenient position to take: Budget Concerns Take Back Seat To Bailouts:

Budget hawks were aghast when the federal deficit hit a record $455 billion in fiscal 2008, more than double the previous year.

That figure could double again in 2009, to $1 trillion, but even balanced budget advocates are saying that may be the price we have to pay to revive the failing economy.

President-elect Barack Obama, at a news conference Monday, served notice that “we’re going to see a substantial deficit next year, bigger than we’ve seen in a very long time.”

But he stressed that, before putting Washington’s financial house in order, “we’ve got to first focus on getting the economy back on track. We’ve got to first focus on making sure that we’re creating those 2.5 million jobs.”

Wow. Remember that number: 2.5 million jobs. This will be Obama’s mantra over the next four years, and the stimulus package is an effort to give credibility to the notion that, if those jobs are “created,” then Obama can take credit for them. If they don’t materialize, of course, Obama can then say that the government did everything in its power. It’s all very crass and transparent.

And then:

While nobody likes a deficit, many economists agree that heavy spending by the federal government – on food stamps or unemployment benefits or public works projects – may be necessary to keep economies moving in times of recession or war.

I seem to remember Obama saying something about the Bush deficits, which of course happened during two wars and followed the most devastating attack on US soil since 1941. The point here isn’t that the Bush deficits were legitimate (they weren’t), but that Obama is very conveniently forgetting his own campaign platforms–as expected.

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