New York Times: 1966 Earth Was “More Innocent”

First, saying the Earth was “younger” in 1966 is like saying I was younger when I started writing this sentence. It’s true, but meaningless:

Last week, NASA released a newly restored image of a younger Earth. It was taken from Lunar Orbiter 1 in 1966, the first of several orbiters that helped gather data for the first moon landing in 1969. The photograph shows Earth just cresting the Moon’s curving horizon, the first picture of our planet framed by the surface of the Moon.

Second, saying the highlighted picture makes the Earth look “more innocent”–in 1966!–is pure human projection.

It is probably not possible to say that one Earth is ever more innocent than another. And yet there is a feeling of innocence hanging over that beclouded planet, which was just about to get the first glimpse of itself from the Moon.

Come on, I though that the election of The One absolved us all of our sins… This should be considered the most innocent the Earth has ever been.

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